Jesus Talk

Praying on Street Corner

“And many believed in Him there.” John 10:42

Have we given up on statements like this? Have we settled for bleak results in our Christianity? Or, are we ready to see people come to Jesus by the 10’s, 20’s, or 100’s?

‘It can’t happen!’ You say! Why not? We see statements like the scripture above many times in the Bible. Why can’t we see this happen in our day? What led the many to believe in Him right there, in that time? Let’s answer that.

Look at verse 41. It says, “And many came to Him and were saying, “While John performed no sign (miracle), yet everything John said about this man was true” (John 10:41). First of all, it says that John didn’t perform miracles. So, it’s not like John was doing tricks to help people know who Jesus was. But, what does it say? It says that John had been speaking about Jesus and that what he was speaking was true. And what was the result? “Many believed in Him”.

Two things that I get from that:

  1. I need to be talking to others about Jesus.
  2. I need to continue to fill my mind with what the Bible says about Jesus.

Can you imagine if everyone who claimed to be a Christian would actually do those two things? WOW!!! People would come to believe in Him by the 10’s, 20’s, even 100’s!

I know what you might be thinking. “Maybe Randy, but people are looking for proof these days and most Christians don’t know how to combat that.” To which I would reply. It’s not our job to prove Jesus. It’s our job to KNOW Him and TALK about Him to others. The MORE we KNOW Him, the MORE we will want to TALK about Him to others. Furthermore, the MORE Christians TALK about Jesus, the MORE Christians will want to get to KNOW Jesus.

My encouragement for us this week: Know Him more and talk about Him more. Think about how much you got to know Him and talk about Him last week. Then, make sure you try to get to know Him and talk about Him more this week.

Have a great week knowing Him and talking about Him! Let’s see MANY come to believe in Him!

Jesus Talk Scripture

“So he was reasoning in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Gentiles, and in the market place every day with those who happened to be present.” Acts 17:17