Marriage and Family

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“How blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.” Proverbs 3:13

I have the best marriage in the world!

I am married to my best friend!

Marriage is work, but so worth the effort!

This week my wife started commuting back to school. She completed her first year of nursing last spring and now is moving ahead for her RN. With my wife’s commute, our boys in new schools, my new job, and our new community; this school year is going to be a challenge for our family. In all of this, wisdom and understanding is key to having a marriage that thrives.

Are the statements above your feelings toward marriage today, this week, this month? I am finding that these are not common feelings among the majority of married couples. And yet, God is the one who instituted the marriage covenant from the beginning (Genesis 2:24). When God makes something, not only is it supposed to be a blessing to Him, but it is supposed to be a blessing to us. Marriage should be a blessing to both the husband and wife! This doesn’t mean it’s easy. Marriage is work, but it is a work that is worth the effort! Those who work hard and smart at their marriage will experience the blessing that marriage can be; even in the busyness of life.

When my wife got home from school yesterday, she shared with me that she listened to a couple of broadcasts on marriage from Focus on the Family. This was so excited to me! My wife was listening to teachings about marriage that were helping her have wisdom and understanding to grow our marriage!

So, what does it mean to work hard and smart at marriage. I believe some very helpful application comes from the scripture above when we think about it in light of marriage.

Working Hard to find wisdom will bless your marriage. Proverbs is full of exhortations to search out wisdom. Wisdom does not come from the amount of years one has been alive, nor the amount of years one has been married; Wisdom comes from the Lord (Prov 2:6).  Seeking God for wisdom to be a good husband or wife is the hard work that results in a great marriage. Seek God for wisdom to be a better spouse!

Working Smart to gain understanding will bless your marriage. To understand something or someone is key to having a successful relationship. There are many tools available to gain understanding in regards to marriage and relationships. Work smart by gaining understanding to help your marriage grow!

My encouragement for us this week: Work hard and smart to seek wisdom and gain understanding for your marriage!

Marriage Scripture

Ephesians 5:22-33