Jesus Talk

“if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.” Romans 10:9

I’m so glad for EASTER! I’m so glad my SAVIOR died for me! I’m so glad Jesus is ALIVE!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with a young man in his early twenties at the park. He had just got out of jail after spending one night for a DUI. I asked him the question of the day and then went on to ask him about his thoughts about God. He shared that when he was growing up, Christianity was shoved down his throat; therefore, he didn’t want anything to do with it. I shared with Him that God came out of Heaven to die on a cross to pay for his sin so that he wouldn’t have to spend eternity in jail.

Christianity is not a religion to shove down people’s throats. The Christian life is all about growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of the world! Jesus came to conquer death so that you might have life forever more!

My encouragement for us this week: Confess Jesus as Lord and help people believe in their hearts that He is alive!

Have a Great Week!

Jesus Talk Scripture

“So he was reasoning in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Gentiles, and in the market place every day with those who happened to be present.” Acts 17:17