Rev. Robert (Bob) and Suzanne Warren

BobSuzanneWarrenHi! I’d like to welcome you to EVCC even if for now it’s only electronically. Of course, I hope that we’ll also get acquainted in the “old fashioned way” – face to face.

I believe that being a follower of Jesus is an adventure. It’s a never-ending story. Jesus changed my life when I was a college student and gave me direction and purpose. Suzanne and I have had the privilege of seeing and experiencing more than we dreamed when we said, “I do” in 1973.

After pastoring in the Northwest for 30 years, Suzanne and I worked with One Mission Society as missionaries in Asia, specifically in Central Asia, Japan and South Korea. The last 6 years of working internationally have given us an appreciation for new ways of ministry and the importance of each person being a disciple who makes disciples.

It may sound dramatic, but it’s true: Jesus wants us to change the world. That change begins in us, affects those around us and moves outward in ever-widening circles. Eventually, only eternity will reveal the lives changed as we simply do what Jesus asks us to do.

I hope that you’ll join us on this adventure of following Jesus. It’s the only adventure that never ends.

Pictured above: Pastor Bob and Suzanne Warren